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Education Package

​CIB Business Banking is proud to introduce this package as the first of its kind in the Egyptian market, offering integrated simple solutions to Educational Sector Institutions in recognition of the importance of this sector and its 
vital role in our economy. This package offers various services such as:

Tuition Fees Payment Services
- This new service saves your time and valuable resources as CIB will collect the tuition fees for you
- It also allows parents and/or students to pay tuition fees in any CIB branch across Egypt (no bank fees
charged) using student ID number
- A consolidated report will be issued showing names of students who paid and the amount paid,
- This service will minimize the traffic inside the school/university which will help you to take better care of your business

Fleet Finance Program
- that would support the educational institutions to renew and expand their  buses fleet to better serve their students.

Electronic Payroll Service (E-Payroll)
- E-Payroll is a totally secured electronic service of transferring companies' monthly salaries electronically to their employees through the bank

Point of Sale Services (POS)
CIB Business Banking offers as part of the new Education package the payment service through point of sale machines (POS), with any credit card for parents & students, which allows flexibility in payment whether in cash or credit along with the following benefits:

-Top of the line GPRS POS machines at your premises at no cost
- Superior POS support and maintenance services
- Competitive commission rates
- Automated delivery of POS Financial Statements via E-Mail
   (Daily / Weekly)

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