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CIB Smart Wallet

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Your Mobile is your Wallet!                                                

With CIB Smart Wallet, you can perform all financial transactions securely using your phone!

Send money, pay bills, purchase online, and more with CIB Smart Wallet!

How Can I Use my CIB Smart Wallet?

Transfer Money

If you live far away from your family, work in another governorate, or need money for an urgent situation, you can use the Smart Wallet application to send or receive money to/from any other wallet in Egypt. It's easy, secure, and fast!



Renew your car license, donate to charities, or pay your mobile, ADSL, or utility bills easily and securely through the Fawry Services tab on your Smart Wallet.
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  • Set your wallet password, and you're ready to go

Once you are active, visit any ATM in Egypt or ized Banking Agent store to load your wallet and start using it!

*You do not need to have a CIB bank account to have a CIB Smart Wallet

*The mobile number used to register should be owned by the identical name used to register to Smart Wallet. 

Self-register to CIB Smart Wallet now! 

Click here to know how to register to CIB Smart Wallet via SMS!

Smart Wallet limit is:

    • Maximum Wallet Balance Limit: EGP 50,000
    • Maximum Daily Transaction Limit: EGP 30,000
    • Maximum Monthly Transaction Limit: EGP 50,000

We have a dedicated 24/7 call center to serve you – call 19716 for any inquiry

For more information about the service and how to register, please visit CIB Smart Wallet FAQs

CIB Smart Wallet Application​​


CIB Smart Wallet Pricing​


 ​ized Banking Agents' Addresses

Terms and Conditions

Car License Renewal through Smart Wallet – FAQs.

If your mobile number is a corporate line, please click here to know how to apply 

Terms and conditions apply